33 Life Changing Benefits of Public Speaking

33 Life Changing Benefits of Public Speaking

What are the benefits of public speaking? In What Ways Is Public Speaking Likely To Make A Difference In Your Life? How will public speaking help you in the future? These are questions you are already asking yourself if you are thinking of taking a journey to develop your public speaking.

Public speaking Is scary. Even for the best out there.

It takes time to develop the knack for it unless you are born talented like a minuscule 1% in the world. So why sweat it? Why work hard on building your skill?

It’s not that simple to answer this question. You might have different priorities set out for yourself right now. College, career, marriage, kids. one more thing to focus on is a critical decision, which makes it so much harder. But if you are looking for the benefits of public speaking, it may be the best skill you choose to master. Here are 33 of those big reasons why public speaking will help you in the future.



How public speaking will help you in the future of your career
  1. More and more college degree programmes expect you to speak up
  2. At a Job Interview, how well you communicate will decide if you’ll get the job or not
  3. Learn to speak, learn to sell
  4. You’ll stand out compared to other colleagues or contemporaries in your office
  5. You will learn to give feedback in a convincing, polite and intriguing way:
  6. The greatest leaders were great public speakers
  7. You learn how to be assertive without being impolite.
  8. You learn how to teach
  9. Telling and constructing a compelling story will become second nature
  10. You’ll find it easier to position yourself as a subject matter expert
  11. You learn to negotiate better
  12. Writing great content becomes much easy
How it will transform your personality
  1. You will attract admirers.
  2. Gain clarity of thought
  3. You’ll be more charismatic
  4. You’ll learn to inspire
  5. Once you conquer the fear of public speaking, what other fear can stop you?
  6. Find your voice
  7. You’ll learn what it takes to influence be influential
How it will help your social life
  1. You learn how to make changes to what you want to say rapidly
  2. You’ll flirt better
  3. Network better
  4. You’ll be sought for advice
  5. Handle hecklers, interrupters and narcissists
How it will help your relationships
  1. You’ll nurture deep relationships
  2. You’ll understand others much better, even if they don’t speak effectively.
  3. You’ll understand what to say, when to say, and how
  4. You’ll find the right words to express your feelings
  5. You will be prepared to lighten up the mood when needed
  6. Become a better parent who speaks to the heart
  7. You’ll learn how to crack a really good joke
  8. Wit will become second nature
  9. You’ll learn to take yourself less seriously

Wait, there is a condition

Yes, a condition.

Before we skinny dip into the details, you must understand this caveat. None of these 33 reasons will help you unless you know what your future looks like. You must want to achieve something extra ordinary before you can feel passionate about public speaking. Because this journey is not for someone normal. It is tough, gruesome and painful. So, the right thought is not how public speaking will help you in the future – it is how public speaking will help you with YOUR future, and your plans.

Deserving a standing ovation

The ultimate goal is to deliver a “Mike Drop” level of speech. The journey to that however, is not too far fetched.

Justin Trudeau – Speech level: Mike Drop.
The kid was smart, athletic, but feared Public Speaking like the coronavirus. He’d rather quarantine himself than deliver a speech.

Recently I coached a teenager from Sri Lanka who was right out of school. He had been accepted into a world class university in Australia because of his superhuman passion for software. The kid was smart, athletic, but feared Public Speaking like the coronavirus. He’d rather quarantine himself than deliver a speech.

When he first came to me for coaching, he couldn’t even make eye contact when we spoke. It took serious introspection on his part to figure out the blocks and fears that kept him from speaking. My part as a coach was to facilitate this discovery. If he didn’t battle those demons, he knew that he would carry on with life the same way. But he did not want to shy away from taking the stage when he had the opportunity. He wanted to voice his opinion whenever he had a great idea, with confidence and courage.

After few months of coaching and consistent practice, this kid started delivering speeches that were profoundly inspirational. The transformation was unbelievable even to his parents.

Today, this kid has overcome most of his personal blocks to public speaking. But the only reason I was able to help him get over his fear was because he had faced the first battle – knowing what he wanted for his future. He didn’t need me to spell out the benefits of public speaking. He already knew if he wanted to be a great scholar and later a great entrepreneur, he needed public speaking.

What about you? What’s your vision of the future? Do you see it as clear as stone?

If you already do, then here we go – 33 reasons public speaking will help you in the future.

How Public Speaking will help you in the future of your career

1. More and more college degree programmes expect you to speak up

Following suit of Ivy League colleges, most universities and higher education institutes have presentations embedded in their coursework. Inevitably you will speak in front of panels or in front of the class.

How good your presentation is, depends on how skilled you are in speech.

So if you are starting college, or are thinking about it, it wouldn’t hurt to start practicing. Your grades may depend on it.

2. At a Job Interview, how well you communicate will decide if you’ll get the job or not

As a professional recruiter, on a daily basis I see 9 out of 10 candidates get rejected at the final stage. The most common reason – their inability to articulate themselves. This was one of the reasons I was inspired to write a blog on the benefits of public speaking.

In the end, employers look for allrounders. They are less costly to train because they come already equipped with what it takes.

You could be great technically or academically; you could have the right experience; you could be a graduate with the highest scores. But, the only thing that will determine your success at a job interview is how you communicate this.

And at an high performance job interview you are guaranteed to have interviewers expecting you to have the following:

  • Professional vernacular (Say what you already know in professional lingo)
  • Diplomacy
  • Ability to comprehend and answer tough questions
  • Ability to understand a joke, or even crack one
  • Be generally pleasant when spoken to

It’s safe to say, that a job interview’s success depends on your skill to speak.

3. Learn to speak, learn to sell.

Where do the people with the best ideas live? In the graveyard. An old cliche but with good reason for its existence.

Unless you want your ideas to go with you to the graveyard, you probably want to learn a thing or two about selling. Because, the best ideas that are never brought to life are the ones that never get sold to a broader audience. Unless you are bold and skilful to take your idea out into the world – the world will never know of it.

Today anyone would agree that selling yourself, selling products or selling services is the sine-qua-non to success. Not many degree programmes train students on sales (which is appalling). Therefore, if you want to be one of the few people who takes an idea into the world, you must learn it yourself or perish in the face of fear.

4. You’ll stand out compared to other colleagues and contemporaries in your office

At the start of our careers, employed at our first job, any high achiever focuses on how fast they can get to the top. For this however, you need to stand out.

The skill of great public speaking is rare. If you develop it, you’ll stand out in forums where you speak. Trust me, there is no better feeling than to have the attention of the audience with pin drop silence. Also from my own experience, the last thing you want is key stakeholders drifting off when you get to the most important part of your presentation (ring a bell?).

Compared to someone who delivers an average talk, learning the art of public speaking will help you in the future to command attention. As a result you will secure more opportunities. You will be on the top-of-mind recall for key stakeholders in your organisation. As a result, guess who they will remember first when there are new opportunities?

Those who stand out during meetings because of their eloquence and charisma get the most valuable opportunities available. There is no surprise here, because humans have a low attention span, and you must make use of it. The best way is to develop the needed skill – which in this case is Public Speaking.

5. You will learn to give feedback in a convincing, polite and intriguing way:

“Well,” She said – as if his words had just put her in a trance of deep introspective contemplation – “I’ve heard it in so many different ways, but when you say it, you put it so beautifully”

I’ve seen Dananjaya Hettiarachchi giving feedback to people – it’s mesmerising.

I was once seated with Dananjaya Hettiarachchi at an interview. We were looking for someone who can join our team at the IT company he consulted. At the final interview, where the top three candidates were shortlisted, it was time for feedback. So we asked them to join us one by one so that Dananjaya can let them know how they performed.

“There is a difference between a great job and a mediocre one.” He began to tell one of the candidates, a girl. “The difference is in the heart and soul. You could either chose to put in your heart and soul, or you could choose not to. But that choice will make the difference of you living a life that is remembered and a life that is not”

“Have you ever thought about that?” He asked her after a pause.

“Well,” she said – as if his words had just put her in a trance of deep introspective contemplation – “I’ve read and heard it in so many different ways, but when you say it, you put it so beautifully”

Now I’ve known Dananjaya for 10 years. This is how he speaks. I had long since taken for granted the effect he had on others when he spoke. But this girl didn’t know who he was. She had never met him or heard him speak. After all, he was the world champion of public speaking in 2014 (Im lucky to be mentored by him). It was no surprise that he had that effect on her.

Giving feedback is important in your career. You will be remembered by how you do it.

We ultimately recruited that girl, and her decision to join us relied highly on the impression Dananjaya gave her.

Check out Dananjaya’s world championship winning speech here:

In your profession you never know when you’ll have to give feedback to someone. But when you do you don’t want to sound like a jackass, a wishy washer, insulter or someone with no integrity. You must know how to use the right words and the right timing to deliver what you want.

Practicing public speaking will force you to use words that are pleasing to the audience’s ears.

When needed you can draw upon your arsenal of words to put certain things subtlety but clearly. This is the salt in the recipe of great feedback, and when you grow in your career you’ll have exponentially increasing opportunities to provide feedback. How well you do depends on your skill to do so.

6. The greatest leaders were great public speakers

Leadership requires many skills, but the most important is the art of communication.

Think about it, if Barak Obama had the same brains, and did not deliver speeches like he did, would he have been voted President? The same goes to Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John F Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and the list goes on. They wouldn’t be where they were known to be, if they weren’t able to move an audience.

If you ever want to grow in your career, you are inevitably going to have to lead. The success of your leadership will heavily rely on your ability to influence and motivate your team.

7. You learn how to be assertive without being impolite

Jerks are a pandemic that has infested this earth from the beginning of time. They are a constant in this ever changing world. They don’t seem to be leaving any sooner than the day of judgement.

Being Assertive is something I myself had to learn from scratch. Like many people who grow up in highly disciplinarian families, I used to be highly agreeable – but this is not a quality that can take you very far. You need to be able to say “No” and put your point across even among jerks.

On the other hand, those who grow up in highly liberal backgrounds tend to be more assertive but can come across as impolite or arrogant.

One must learn the balance. Office politics, Diplomacy and assertive language are important skills that can be groomed with the right habits.

Programmes such as Toastmasters help you in developing such skills, along with your public speaking. Equally, but much more effectively personal trainings can bridge this gap very fast.

8. You learn how to teach

Boring teachers are commonplace. No one wants to learn from one. But being a great teacher comes with the teacher’s ability to speak. One day all of us will have to teach someone something. The success of that task can depend on how effective your method of teaching is. You might be called to train staff at your office or your industry. You may even decide to get into the profession of teaching. When that happens do you want to be a great teacher or do you want to be one who is like the many?

9.Telling and constructing a compelling story will become second nature

Storytelling is the enemy of an academic, and the best friend of an entrepreneur or businessman. Because “storytelling” is becoming more and more important for branding, and it’s a core skill in public speaking.

Being able to construct a great story around a brand, product or service is a rare skill that helps in many ways. It makes what you are selling, compelling to the consumer.

Think about the difference between Apple and Microsoft. Why was Apple so much cooler? It was because Apple was able to build the story that “Great people think different” and that Apple assists that difference.

Public speaking will force you to learn how to tell a story. And that is good.

10. You’ll find it easier to position yourself as a subject matter expert

Public speakers can do this faster than someone who doesn’t understand effective communication.

In your career trajectory you’ll eventually want to be known as a subject matter expert. Unless you have the right communication skills in your arsenal, it could be quite hard to do that even if you are a double PhD in your subject.

There are so many who pretend to be experts throwing their persona and communication skills around – already marketing themselves successfully as experts. Why not be have a real expert market themselves? Why not sincerely do the work to gain expertise in your area, and then publicise your efforts with classy communication? Thats much healthier for the world. Because, no one cares about experts who aren’t able to put their work into words effectively.

11. You learn to negotiate better

Negotiation is a skillset on its own. However its based on a solid skill of influence, persuasion and rhetoric.

Sometimes we get fooled in negotiations because we don’t pick up the right words when they are needed. In fact, the right words come way after the negotiation has happened and we beat ourselves up for getting stuck at the time we needed it the most.

Everything in life is a negotiation, and you need to learn how to negotiate in a way where you won’t feel that you nor the other person lost out.

12.Writing great content becomes much easier

If you’ve noticed, most of the great blogs out there sound like someone is speaking to you one-on-one (hopefully this one too). Given that content marketing is getting prevalent, you are bound to open your own blog or social feed where you need to write compelling titles or content.

Since writing isn’t going anywhere. Learning to speak will help you write better for a general audience. Also, it’s a more fun way to learn writing compared to critical writing lessons.


How it will help you transform your personality

13. You will attract admirers.

The people who are admired have one thing in common, it’s their ability to communicate to their target audience. If you aspire to inspire others, you need to learn how to speak.

Think of the most popular people within an intellectual community. They are usually the ones who are able to articulate things in an emotionally engaging way.

Take Simon Sinek for example. His message of “Start with the Why” isn’t a new thing. However, it’s been spun off so uniquely and he communicates it in such a compelling way, he is admired by so many.

Take a look at his Ted Talk here

If you want to influence, you must first be admired. There a quote that relates to this

You imitate those whom you love

Being loved begins from your ability to express yourself. You may be able to do it with your loved ones. But when it comes to a greater audience, that takes a different level of skill.

14. Gain clarity of thought

Your ability to produce a great speech will depend highly on your clarity of thought. Therefore, by virtue of pursuing public speaking, you will develop your critical thinking skills.

A speaker would pay attention to many nitty gritties of speech. Some of these focus areas would be

  • Speech Structure
  • Rhetoric
  • Emotional engagement
  • Humour
  • Integrity of the story
  • Character development
  • Dialogue
  • Message
  • Body Language
  • Vocalisation

As a result, speech structure will force you to think logically and eliminate contradictions in what you want to say. You’ll pay detailed attention to how you deliver a speech and how you structure your words. This rigorous exercise brings in so much benefit that overflows into other areas of life. You’ll soon realize that you even take life’s decisions more carefully and after much contemplation.

15. You’ll be more charismatic:

This is one of the benefits of public speaking that is very evident to anyone with keen observation skills.

If there’s one thing that speakers develop in their journey of delivering great messages and stories, is their natural charisma. This comes with overcoming the great fear of public speaking. Individuals come out victorious and with so much more self confidence it exudes in their aura.

Studies show that charismatic people are more attractive to the opposite sex, are better leaders, and are generally the wealthier ones within their social circles.

16. You learn to inspire

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit” ~ Rocky

Wouldn’t it be great to leave someone with a grand inspiration to pursue something important? Wouldn’t it be great if, because of what you said someone else chose to do great things and turn their life around? Well, there are ample opportunities in life where people need that little push. Sometimes the people who give that push may be doing it absolutely wrong (pushing them faster to hang themselves before they take action)

Public Speaking is more about inspiring an audience than just providing facts. It’s an artist’s stage performance that moves the audience’s primary emotion. Unless a speaker does this, the speech become a dish without spices. Bland.

You don’t want your audience to walk away with a bunch of stuff they just heard. Rather, you want them to walk out feeling great about the new things they learned.

This is a skill that can be practiced. And with enough practice, and Inspiration becomes the crown in the vaults of a speaker.

17. Once you conquer the fear of public speaking, what other fear can stop you?

Think about it, public speaking is one of the greatest fears people have. Because it’s a combination of the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassing yourself and more, conquering it makes you stronger than steel. Hence, by overcoming the fear of public speaking all other fears are brought down on their knees before you.

If there is one reason that should convince you to take Public Speaking seriously, if there is one factor to explain “how will public speaking help you in the future” – this is it. Overcome this fear, and you can do anything after that. Out of the benefits of public speaking, this is one you can’t ignore if you want to do great things in life.

18. Find your voice

Nelson Mandela

Ever felt like no one wants to listen to your opinion? This could be because of your personality, your predispositions or it could just be that you are a victim of discrimination. I’ve met people going through a range of these difficulties. They never seem to be able to gain the confidence to say things they need to say.

It may be hard to change your circumstances, but it is easy to be prepared for when circumstances change. Learning to speak in public, puts you in a rigorous training that helps you find your voice, to put your thoughts out there in a way that commands attention.

For anyone who is going through the struggle of finding their voice due to a tough environment – hang in there! Nelson Mandela hung in for 21 years and finally found a place to use his voice. And in those long years he prepared for that day. So, let no day go to waste.

19. You learn what it takes to influence and be influential

Ever tried convincing someone to do things the way you want? Succeeding at getting things your way is an art, and learning how to speak teaches you the subtleties of how that art works.

Most importantly you learn to create an emotional impact. You learn to gain the buy-in of your audience, create rapport and then impress upon them your beliefs.

If this sounds evil – yes, it can be used for evil. But, there is much more good it can do than evil. Look at what Greta Thunberg did to the entire world. Today she speaks to governments with such command and assertion leaders can not ignore the truth anymore.

She even spoke at the UN – not many kids her age have done this. But you’ve got to agree she is a great public speaker – and this is what has given her the edge. Compared her with the many others who were in the same campaign to curb climate change – you remember none, because none of them were able to put it so eloquently as this 12 year old did.


How it’ll help your social life

20. You learn how to make changes to what you want to say rapidly:

Ever prepared to say something to someone, and just before saying it, realised that the context completely changed? What most people do here is, they go ahead and say what they have already prepared. Mostly due to nervousness.

There is a small number of people who can customize what they are saying at an instant, and say it like they had prepared for that all along. This is called great “Impromptu” speaking skills. Something that can be practiced and mastered. It helps you think on your feet, and can probably get you out of several tough situations.

21.You’ll flirt better

Exactly. If you are single and struggling to mingle – you’re probably not doing the mingling part right. You need the right words, emotion and confidence to flirt. Or else, natural selection will kick your butt you out of existence.

Did you ever think public speaking will help you in the future of your dating life? I personally know so many individuals who’ve reaped this benefit of public speaking – now having a phenomenal relationships with people they are happy to have in their life. Just because they were able to muster up the right words at the right time.

22. You’ll network better:

Your network is your net worth

Darren Tay – WCPS 2017

95% of networking is about how you present yourself. You’re going to need the skill of speaking if you want to carry on interesting conversations with an unknown groups.

As a benefit of public speaking – you’ll realize that you are going to be exposed to many people in your industry with a great speech delivered at the right event. This will have people coming to you instead of you going to them.

23. You’ll be sought for advice

If someone wants advice, they’ll come to the person who inspires, motivates and understands them. Being able to communicate your advice in such motivational and inspirational manner is a quality enjoyed by a few. But most of them, including Barak Obama, learned that through consciously developed public speaking skills. (Oh yeah, Obama took classes on public speaking during college. Look at where that lead him)

24. Handle hecklers, interrupters and narcissists

The corporate world is full of them. The ones who put others down and throw their heavy egos around destroying any form of productivity during meetings.

Handling these types is a necessity, and handling them right Is mandatory. One of the benefits of public speaking is you gain a non-direct rehearsal of dealing with them subtlety yet assertively.

Most often than not, the biggest narcissists at an office are seniors who already have some sort of power in a particular context. An interruption from them can throw a presenter off guard. You could lose your cool, forget everything you are supposed to say given the pressure. Handling such instances comes with practice and a little bit of mentoring and coaching


How public speaking will help you in the future of your relationships

25.You’ll nurture deep relationships

The greatest cause for broken relationships is broken communication. If you can fix communication, you’ll be on your way to building a great connection.

Think about it, anyone who loves you would want to know what you feel and what you think. Most men and women are unable to put their feelings in to words – and the only way to learn that is by learning a skill that forces you to use a plethora of words that describe things colourfully… like renaissance paintings.

26. You’ll understand others much better, even if they don’t speak effectively.

With a conscious effort to practice public speaking, you will start to understand ineffective speech. Because you have to contemplate a lot about what you say before saying it, you go through all the possibilities of ineffective speech to arrive at the most effective. As a result, when someone else utters something ineffective – since you have already gone through ineffective speech scenarios by yourself – you’ll already understand what it meant. Even though the literal meaning of what they said can be contrastingly different, you will understand what is meant to a great degree.

27. You’ll understand what to say, when to say, and how

Have you ever had someone utter something completely out of place? Have you ever thought someone should have used a different set of words to describe something? What if you can learn never to misstep like that? Because you never want to embarrass yourself or embarrass others on your account.

You’d rather practice the art of navigating such scenarios and saying the right thing, at the right time, in the right manner. And when the opportunity presents itself, you wont muck up.

28. You’ll find the right words to express your feelings

There are many times people fail to express what they feel. This can be the root cause that fails most relationships.

Whether it’s a romantic one, a friendship, a marriage or even a relationship between siblings. When the right time comes, you need the right words, the right flow and the confidence to pull off expressing yourself.

29. You will be prepared to lighten up the mood when needed

Nobody likes to be in a glum mood. Anyone who can lighten up the spirits brings joy to everyone. The wittiness that is developed with public speaking will help you be that person.

30. Become a better parent who speaks to the heart

One of the least talked about benefits of public speaking is within your family. Most parents fail to connect emotionally with children. The various skills you learn in public speaking gives you the much needed wisdom to connect with a vast spectrum of humans – including the little people running around in your home.

This is especially important when you are speaking to Teenagers. It is not easy to connect with them. But the right words can make an impact, even when they are too proud to acknowledge you.

31. You’ll learn how to crack a really good joke

Here’s one important reason why public speaking will help you in the future of your social life. Not everyone is funny naturally. But, is it learnable? Of course it is. I can attest to that personally. I would have never in a million years thought I could crack a joke and make people laugh. But the discipline of speaking forced me to develop this skill. Therefore I know it can be learned.

A great speech is one that makes the audience laugh, cry and inspired at the same time. If you learn nothing, just learning how to crack a joke can make your life so much more interesting.

32. Wit will become second nature

Public speakers must learn Rhetoric – which is the art of using the right word combinations to inspire, influence or entertain. The practice of this will help anyone come up with good “comebacks” when circumstances forces you.

33.You’ll learn to take yourself less seriously

The most important thing to remember when losing your fear of public speaking is – you cant do it without coming down from the pedestal you’ve put yourself on. You will have to make room for your faults and humanness to appear in front of an audience.

In fact the most entertaining, inspirational and confident speakers are those who aren’t afraid to put their mistakes in front of others. They take life less seriously, and are ok to make fun of themselves. This is not only good for public speaking though, its good for you – its good for your stress levels. Hopefully it’ll give you a longer life.

Much like any other skill, Public Speaking takes a lifetime to master. But it doesn’t take too long to learn the basics that could propel you a long way forward.

Speaking in front of an audience will be unavoidable given how the world is moving. Unless you decide to live under a rock, you will most probably be delivering talks very frequently.

If you are still not convinced on how public speaking will help you in the future, let me know on the comments.

If you are convinced, what will be your next action to pursue this art?


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