Business Presentations Master Class

Programme Outline

Design Great Slide Decks

  • Planning your Slide Deck
  • 7 principles of design
  • Chose the right colours for your slides
  • Basics of Typography
  • Working with slide templates

Data Storytelling

  • Storyboarding
  • Common Infographic frameworks and how to re-create them on slides
  • Using the right chart (The 14 most popular types of charts)
  • How to present data for emotional appeal
  • How to refine your data to tell a story

Logical Arguments

  • Common Logical Fallacies and how to identify them
  • Reconstruct arguments and appeal to logic
  • Identify good and bad arguments
  • Use logical tools to analyze arguments
  • Apply basic logical strategies in presentations and communication

Speak Business

  • How to Develop a business case
  • Speak with growth, revenue and cost in mind
  • Thinking Politically
  • Business Rhetoric
  • Emotional cues and tactics to counter
  • Strategic and Tactical Reporting

Price Per Registration: LKR 25,000