If you are looking for English Public Speaking Classes in Sri Lanka or a Public Speaking Trainer in Sri Lanka, look no further. The Executive brings you expert level Public Speaking Classes to ensure you will deliver speeches that always keeps your audience enthralled.

Public Speaking Classes and Training Sri Lanka

The Facilitator

Public Speaking Trainer Sri Lanka

Arfath Saleem was a finalist at the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2015 and a Semi Finalist in 2018. He has worked with over 50 individuals coaching them on a one-on-one basis to improve their confidence and public speaking skills.

Arfath has trained multiple corporates on Public Speaking and Communication, and has many awards to his name.

Take a look at the article on one of his programmes for the Sri Lanka Airforce here.

Follow Arfath’s blog where he is rated among the top 50 blogs that every public speaker must read in 2020 here. He is one of the most sought after public speaking trainers in Sri Lanka.

Public Speaking Master Class

Let’s face it – professionals who get to the top of their career did so because of their impeccable soft skills. Public Speaking and Presentation Skill development is the first step to that journey

This Public Speaking Master Class shares advanced techniques in the art of public speaking for those who seek to further their skills. To follow the workshop successfully you should already be a public speaker with a few hours of stage time under your belt.

The Value?

6 hours

  • Intensive from the start
  • Highly engaging learning experience
  • Connects you with like-minded people

31 lessons

  • Activity Based
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Generates Self-awareness

This is not a beginners workshop. Therefore, it is important that you already have experience in public speaking to begin with.

This Public Speaking Master Class programme suits professionals, educators, content creators, TV presenters, Youtubers and entrepreneurs. You will learn to command your audience like World Class speakers do. You will learn how to get out of your fear to create content. Most importantly, you will walk out with ideas that will act as seedlings in your speaking journey. Your presentation skills will be propelled to mastery.

We will uncover techniques of engagement, rhetoric and delivery during the programme, which will boost your speaking and presentation skills. Not only this – your writing skills will also be given the tools for better communication.

Once you are done with the workshop you will walk out knowing how to start a speech, craft a speech, and end a speech powerfully.

Programme Outline

Part 1: Defining the enemy: Writers block

  • Create a first draft – 9 steps to the discipline of production
  • Scripting – Write, Edit and refine sentences for a speech
  • Write for the ear – Rhetoric and figures of speech
  • Art of refining – the thought process behind crisp and clear content

Part 2: Exercises to fortify stage presence

  • Poetics  – auditory anchors, deliver dialogues, improv and poetry
  • Physics in oratory – Motion, Gestures, non-verbal cues

Part 3: Storytelling, the heart of Public Speaking

  • Story arcs –   the foundation for an inspirational story. Exercises to transform an ordinary story to one that captivates the audience
  • Character building for short-stories – win audience empathy, Character life-cycles, timelines, narrative points of view
  • Story-hooks –  Narrative hooks, Awe inspiring openings.
  • Conflict– sustaining audience interest.

This workshop is tough, testing and transformational. Registrations will be assessed for proclivity, comprehension and commitment.

18 participants only

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A few Testimonials

Its always a treat to listen to your speeches. I liked how you taught us to keep breaking each point which helps to drill down further and further. This technique doesn’t only help in public speaking but quite relevant in our day to day life. I absolutely enjoyed acting part which also allowed us to learn from each other. Thanks a lot Arfath for this worthy session. ~ Tina Anderson, professional banker with 15 years of experience

It was an incredibly good session. full of fun with much learning. Thanks Arfath ~ Sachini Samarasekara, Senior Executive – MAS Holdings

A mind blowing Master Class I would say, Arfath. Much insightful and professionally conducted. Fabulous session. ?? ~ Shabry Samoon, Project Engineer (Electrical & Automation) at INSEE Cement

It was an amazing work shop! Greatly appreciate your efforts in giving a wider understanding of public speaking. The techniques presented at the programme have given me a new perspective on public speaking and has boosted my confidence! Your humble, approachable presence, was a great help Arfath! Thank you soo much for being an inspiration. ~ Lakmali Rodrigo, Wealth Planner, AIA

I stole a significant message home, by participating to this workshop. It is vital that we listen to great speeches of John Kennedy, Martin Luther king to comprehend the science behind the pronunciation, how to be crisp and have a clear sound what words needs to be cut. Use short sentences and see that the message is conveyed. I liked how you taught us to break each point which helps us to drill down further. Thank you very much Arfath, for imparting your valuable knowledge. It was very insightful and a professionally conducted public speaking workshop. ~ Yohani De Silva, (MSc, BA Hons, LLCM, LTCL)

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